About Cedar Hive Honey Company

From Our Farm To Your Table!

Cedar Hive Honey Company story starts in 2014 in Central Florida. We realized that our bee’s living nearby produced some of the best raw honey in Central Florida. Our friends and family loved it so much that we created our first hive out of Cedar Wood. After perfecting our skills we decided to open up for business and Cedar Hive Honey Company was born.

Cedar Hive Honey produces pure raw specialty honey from hives soaking up the Florida sunshine on our farm before going to your kitchen table. Our bees work hard and fast to produce a fantastic, raw honey that we love to share with the world! This isn't just any Florida honey! This honey is raw, local, and bursting with flavor. All of our honey is unprocessed and unfiltered going from the hive to the jar with minimal handling.

We have many unique types of honey to choose from in addition to Creamed Honey. Raw honey is unique in that it contains all of the pollen collected by the bees, which makes each jar of honey a true reflection of the flowers that were blooming in our area at the time of collection. Our local honey is not only loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, but it's also full of raw, natural goodness that's perfect for your health. Come get yourself a jar today!